Stories of Outsized Impact featuring Annie Hernandez and Colton Strawser Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation and Youth Philanthropy Connect

As part of the Outsized Impact video series, we spoke to Annie Hernandez and Colton Strawser about the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation’s Youth Philanthropy Connect, a network of organizations engaging young people in philanthropy. “It was so great to meet other students like me that are involved in philanthropy,” said Colton Strawser, a participant in the program. He learned how to do site visits, read grants, and much more, and he went on to major in philanthropic studies.

This video was recorded in partnership with Exponent Philanthropy as part of their Outsized Impact project.

Foundation Center, with support from the Frieda C. Fox Family Foundation, conducted a landscape scan of the youth grantmaking field and published a report in 2014, Scanning the Landscape of Youth Philanthropy: Observations and Recommendations for Strengthening a Growing Field. In 2015, we partnered on a new effort to create an online hub to build awareness and collaboration in the field of youth giving. If you make grants to support youth philanthropy, or know where your foundation's youth are directing grants, consider sharing your data, stories, and/or resources with us.