Glasspockets Tools for Transparency

Glasspockets is a Foundation Center initiative that champions philanthropic transparency in an online world. Glasspockets provides the data, resources, examples, and action steps foundations need to understand the value of transparency, be more open in their own communications, and help shed light on how grantmaking organizations are serving the public good.

Four features anchor the Glasspockets site:

  • An interactive collection of "Who Has Glass Pockets?" profiles showcases the online transparency practices of more than 50 of the largest U.S. foundations, based on 23 indicators that can be used to benchmark one’s own foundation.
  • Foundation Transparency 2.0 lets visitors explore the online communications tools that foundations are using and provides direct access to more than 1,600 foundations’ blogs, social media profiles, YouTube channels, and myriad other digital platforms.
  • The Reporting Commitment shows how America’s leading foundations are meeting the challenges of our time. Users can track grants information in near-real-time through interactive maps and download the data in open, machine-readable form.
  • Eye on the Giving Pledge offers an in-depth picture of how more than 100 of the world’s billionaires are participating in the Giving Pledge, which is their commitment to devote the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.