How Do You Help Grantees Find New Funding?

More than 100 grantmakers responded to our short survey, and many took the time to jot down further tips.


Grantmakers' basic advice? Help grantees - but don't make unnecessary work or overpromise.

  • Share information but don't "paper" grantees with useless lists
  • Refer responsibly! Ask colleagues how they'd like to hear about possible grantees
  • Showcase grantees' work at meetings you're holding or planning to attend anyway
  • Be clear about how much time you can invest in helping grantees make connections
  • Your second choice application might be someone else's perfect grant
  • Offer logistical help, especially in areas where grantees lack resources like high-speed internet


Read grantmakers' tips on:

  • Using meetings and other gatherings strategically
  • Building your own expertise and connections
  • Expanding grantees' knowledge and capacity
  • Supporting grantees in rural or remote regions
  • Being intentional about foundation policies


We also saw some patterns in grantmakers' answers, including:

  • A mix of "do-for-all" and "one-by-one" strategies for helping grantees
  • A desire to stay current with funding opportunties
  • An interest in nonprofit capacity
  • A willingness to be "the glue" that holds together a network of nonprofits, especially in rural or remote areas
  • A move toward being more intentional about helping grantees meet their ongoing funding needs

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