Grantmaking in Difficult International Contexts

  • Choose capable, reliable allies
  • Pay close attention to laws and regulations governing local organizations and international grantmaking
  • Support work aligned with your own most fundamental programmatic interests
  • Set realistic goals
  • Exercise patience

Example: A grantmaker working in Israel explained the value of finding the right priority or topic, then identifying qualified guides: “People have a lot of very reasonable concerns about working in the Middle East, but there’s also a kind of mythology that gets perpetuated that it’s more complicated there than other parts of the world. But it’s also important to remember that Israel’s no different from any other country in that you could fund from A to Z, not just on peace or human rights issues. Whatever your interest is, you could find it in this country: animal protection, environment, whatever it is, all you have to do is identify it, and then find guides in Israel to help open that world up for you.”

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