Additional Resources: International Grantmaking

U.S. donors need to be aware of laws and regulations governing international giving, especially if they seek to realize tax benefits or apply the gift toward a required minimum payout. Legal requirements associated with international giving have become more complex and stringent since September 2001, yet there are many ways to fulfill them without undue burden. Here are suggested resources for international grantmaking:

  • The Council on Foundations and the Council’s U.S. International Grantmaking Project offer information on guidelines governing international grant making and links to the most recent U.S. government regulations.
  • The Global Philanthropy Forum, provides extensive, annotated lists of global intermediary organizations, networks, and educational resources, organized by region of the world and by issue.
  • The Worldwide Initiative for Grantmaker Support (WINGS), a global network based since 2003 at the European Foundation Centre in Belgium, supplies information on a wide range of global funders and its own international projects with community foundations and corporate funders.
  • Grantmakers Without Borders, a funders’ network, offers workshops, travel seminars, peer support, research, and advice to funders interested in social change philanthropy.
  • The Global Philanthropy Partnership, produces brief guides on issues of global importance — including such diverse topics as climate protection, forests, land mines, refugees, malaria, and local development — and what philanthropists can do to help.
  • Handbook on Counter-Terrorism Measures: What U.S. Nonprofits and Grantmakers Need to Know, published jointly by Independent Sector, InterAction, the Council on Foundations, and the Day, Berry & Howard Foundation on March 15, 2004.
  • U.S. International Grantmaking Project
  • For Private Foundations regarding Expenditure Responsibility and Equivalency - International Grantmaking Primer, developed by the International Center for Nonprofit Law.
  • For Individual Donors: “Tax Planning Issues for Cross-Border Philanthropy by U.S. Donors”, by Jane Peebles, JD.
  • To learn more about International Grantmaking Intermediaries: Global Giving: Making a World of Difference, written by Paula Johnson and published by The Philanthropic Initiative.

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