Visual Summaries of New GrantCraft Guides Translated

Most philanthropy happens locally and nationally through people that connect with people in their countries and communities, in their own languages.  This is why we are trying to make the practical wisdom for funders expressed in GrantCraft guides more accessible to those who are not fluent in English. With partners, we have translated nearly all the guides in Arabic and Chinese and we are also making progress in Portuguese and Spanish.  Just now GrantCraft has published a translation in Spanish of the guide 'Foundations in Europe Working Together'.  We blogged about this project in Spanish.


Sometimes providing an entry point helps.  We have also translated a series of visual summaries of guides in a variety of languages, which may inspire people to give reading the guides themselves  - still mostly in English - a try. Check them out and share them: Foundations in Europe Working Together (Spanish) - full guide is also available in Spanish Foundations in Europe Working Together (French) Funding for Inclusion (Italian) Funding for Inclusion (Turkish) So brush-up your international connections and share these links in your networks any way you can! And, do point them also to our Chinese, Arabic and German translations. All these documents - and much more - can be downloaded for free following a simple and free registration procedure at


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