About the Website

GrantCraft.org receives visits from 130 countries spanning the foundation, nonprofit, academic, media, government, and business sectors. We conducted a user survey, interviews, and a formal discovery process in the fall of 2013 to explore questions around GrantCraft’s audience, function, content, curation, and community, and have taken that research to build what we hope is a more friendly, accessible, and functional website that is now the home for our resources and mission.

We inventoried all of our content and organized them according to three primary categories:

Strategies: Lenses through which funders frame and think about their work

Issues: Specific problems funders may look to address and improve in their communities

Content Types: The 13 styles of resources that we support through our site to present useful information in whatever way you learn best

Our dynamic search tool allows you to search by any of these, and/or by keywords.



You can narrow or broaden your search by adding and removing filters from these categories, and also adjust for experience level and non-English languages.

Each resource might have multiple strategy and issue designations, and its content type is represented by a color and icon for each skimming and indexing. They are:

Blog Posts: 
Written by us and by members of our GrantCraft community, blogs are short perspectives on strategies and issues related to philanthropy.


Case Studies: 
Case studies explore situations experienced by funders, analyze outcomes or learnings, and suggest ways for peers to implement similar strategies.


Curated Content:
Reports, case studies, and ideas shared in the field that tie into strategies and issues discussed on this site.


Crowdsourced answers and experiences related to your questions across geographies and contexts; contribute whatever you can to the conversation.


Featuring Foundation Center events relevant to funders, as well as select events offered by other organizations in the sector. Both virtual and in-person.


Foundation Center Features: 
Highlighting resources from our parent organization, Foundation Center, that contribute to ongoing learning for grantmakers.


Guided Reading: 
Designed to foster conversation among a group of funders to promote reflection and critical thinking around our guides and related resources.


Since 2001, guides have been the cornerstone of GrantCraft’s research and sharing, and they explore various strategies that are critical to effective grantmaking.


Created to explore important themes in grantmakers’ work through a playful, wall-post-worthy style.


Learn on the go! Perfect to listen to our short episodes about various strategies as spoken by funders themselves.


Bite-sized takeaways make it easy to zero in on what you’re looking for by pulling out and building on essential content from our longer guides and case studies.


Resources that you can adapt for direct use at your foundation to improve effectiveness.


Funders share a key learning or perspective and, in doing so, become more transparent.


When you’re a registered user on the website, you also have the ability to save content to your dashboard with the click of a button, comment on resources, chime into discussions, and submit your wisdom, meaning that you can build the GrantCraft library by sharing your own case studies, videos, blog posts, and other perspectives.

One more point to note about the website: it’s responsive, so you can use it on your tablets and cell phones with ease.

This new platform is the beginning of a renewed and connected global community of learning . Enjoy exploring!